otrdiena, 2010. gada 28. decembris

Royal Windsor

This photo is shot by me with my old film camera in Windsor Royal station which is more shopping center now a days than a station, the only train is between the nearest towns.
I have that chance to live near it, in Eaton wick, wich is very close to Windsor, just a quick walk by the river Thames bank and you are in Windsor and what a lovely walk:)

otrdiena, 2010. gada 14. decembris

Taste Latvia

Original hand made design footwear from Latvia.

Great work, love them!

More about ZOFA at http://www.zofa.lv/

trešdiena, 2010. gada 8. decembris

The most wonderful girl in the world

Her name is JETE!
She is 1 year young and she is a very good dancer!
And she had a birthday last week so HIPHIPHOORAY little JETE and yes she is wearing one of the peony`s i make:)

trešdiena, 2010. gada 3. novembris

Wooden Frog

For the very first time in Koka Varde - The Saturday of hand made toys and accessories!
We are celebrating the autumn and we invite you to join us too! Mothers and fathers with your offsprings, you are welcome to visit us on 13th November starting from 12:00. You will have the possibility to see a very nice exibition of hand made toys in a look of dolls and a great variety of little cute animals created by our local artsists. Here are some of their names – Sintija Tilgale, Sintija Strode, Sarmīte Meiere, Liene Ulmane, Kristīne Krastiņa-Indāne, Aija Vīdnere. And here it is the right moment to tell you, that we will be greeting two new inhabitants - red fox and smart goose who will join other wooden animals in our shop.Also you will be welcomed to try out our very nice earrings, broaches, and other exclusive accessories made by Ieva Zaļkalne, Dana Zēberga, Lāsma Bringina, Aija Vīdnere, Agrita Baumane and others!We are happy that our friend Aiga will be with us as well, as she is someone who knows many interesting games, that she will teach to the children! Also we are planning some delicious surprises!The event will take place in our gift shop Koka Varde which is located on Lāčplēša street 30 on 13th November, starting from 12:00 till the very last guest (18:00).

See you soon!

sestdiena, 2010. gada 2. oktobris


This is an old story:)

I tried to find the new look for traditional laced jabot and taught why not to try this way and this is what i came up to:)

If you want to learn how to make something similar you should come to workshop held by me in Riga, Latvia at the place called Tasty creative space

More information in the official home page!

pirmdiena, 2010. gada 6. septembris

The best festival ever!

“Skaņu mežs” (Sound forest) festival that offers the latest music trends and stimulates discussions about new musical possibilities, will take place in Riga on September 9th -11th for the eighth consecutive year.
When thinking about different musical alternatives, be open-minded to the fact that 21th century music has been very much influenced by past. It is especially obvious in this year’s festival edition whose musical direction is dominated by past styles. Hence the theme – “The Lost Glory” (Aizgājusī godība). As well as the choice of the venues – Soviet era modernist Press House that conveniently gathered all the publications in one single concrete high-rise building and the former moped factory “Sarkanā Zvaigzne” (Red Star).
The festival will kick of on September 4 and 9 with performances of Swiss experimental artists Michael Wertmuller, Antoine Chessex, Sudden Infant and Alexandre Babel.
On September 10 audiovisual publisher Raster-Noton will present its showcase of intelligent beats and impressive video performances.
On September 11 you will have a chance to enjoy dynamic eclecticism by listening to the experimental ‘orchestra’ “Chrome Hoof”, their way of style known as a ‘doom disco’. They will perform in futuristic monk costumes, combining concert with choreographic performance.
To enrich the concert life in Riga, the freshest musical trends will be presented with one of the currently most hyped up music styles – so-called ‘hypnagogic pop’. This style will be represented by some of the best in the genre – Brooklyn’s “Oneohtrix Point Never” (ONP) or Daniel Lopatin and Cleveland trio “Emeralds”.
Completely different emotions will be given to you by the first black metal band that in the words of Village Voice truly embodies the ghosts of New York – “Liturgy”. Beyond these spectacular bands you will be able to enjoy a variety of local performers and watch avant-garde movies. More information read on festival home page www.skanumezs.lv
See you all there:)

ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 26. augusts

New season at Tasty creative space

The summer is almost gone, just a few warm days left and we starting with the the new workshop held by me-Aija.
And i bet you all have had a good good summer, just like i did:)

Place:Riga, Martas street 1, Tasty creative space
Date:9 of september

I`ll teach you how to make nuno felted flower and how to make your own headband out of it.
Photo shot by Sintija Šlēgele

pirmdiena, 2010. gada 17. maijs

paGalms have a new shop on ETSY

Made by Viola Sproģe

Made by Kristīne Liepa

Just opened virtual paGalms!
We wondered why in such a short time so many shop hearts, thanks to Craftcult:) we know now that we have been included in ETSY finds at 13.05
Have a look, we have many many broaches in!
Some of them i`ll show you now:)

otrdiena, 2010. gada 20. aprīlis

paGalms and Jabot

What i was on the last weeks is jabot and paGalms!

svētdiena, 2010. gada 14. marts

My boy builds boxes

My boy builds boxes with hammer and nails, he does not make tables he does not make chairs:)
That is true!
This is the first try and i love them:)
Custome orders are welcome:): pagalmaa@gmail.com

sestdiena, 2010. gada 6. marts

Tasty creative space

I was lost in-between two city's- Riga and Liepaja and to be closer in Tasty creative space which is the nice and arty place in Riga city center on the Martas street 1.
And here is the photos from work shop held by me.
What we make is felted jabot.